Coffee Culture in Melbourne: Check out these Cafés

It’s no secret that Melbourne is crazy about coffee. Nothing is taken more seriously in this city than how you take your “cuppa”.

But it’s not just about getting your kickstart in the morning, or your cup of solace in the afternoon to get you through the day. Down here, Coffee = ART.

Coffee = Art

There is a true Coffee Culture in Melbourne. It’s a way of life for some!

Needless to say, I love it. Apparently so much so, that my partner decided he’d best depict me during one of my “happy coffee moments”. You know, that moment in the afternoon when you sit down, cup in hand, while blissfully staring into nothingness?

Portrait of me holding a coffee drawn by Will Black
My “Coffee Portrait” drawn by Will Black

Milk Art = Amazing

I am sure it would take several years (or decennia, more likely) to explore all cafés, espresso bars, lunchrooms, and restaurants in Melbourne, so I am not going to express favourites or pretend to know the “best” place to get your fix.

With so much great coffee around, I highly doubt that would even be possible!

Coffee in Melbourne comes with amazing Milk Art

What I do know?

The next time you find yourself in Melbourne, you are going to want to check out some of the hip, hot and happening coffee hotspots presented below.

Cup of coffee and a muffin
Flat white and a toasted muffin, anyone?

No matter if you are craving your daily caffeine intake, after a moment of peace in a perfectly relaxing atmosphere, or simply seeking something sweet.

You are guaranteed to get the chance to admire some amazing milk art!

Creative milk art at Sir Charles, Melbourne
A lovely dove flew into my coffee cup! 🙂

Added advantage of following the city’s “coffee trail”?
You’ll be exploring Melbourne far beyond the boundaries of its CBD!

Enjoy! 🙂

[Note: Cafes are organized by neighborhood a.k.a. suburb, but otherwise in a completely random order. Note II: I realize this article is risky business. The list below will undoubtedly never stop growing!]

Melbourne = Too many cool cafés


Code Black Coffee

Where? 15-17 Weston St. (just off Sydney Road)

Code Black Coffee - Brunswick

Coffee roaster and café with an extensive range of sweet treats, variety on the lunch menu, and a great atmosphere for work, gathering with friends, or business meetings. Best way to sum this place up in only a few words? Too cool for school.

Working on Travel Journal at Code Black Coffee, Brunswick, Melboourne
Great place to work on my Travel journal!


Where? 32 Union St. (next to “Jewell” train station on the Upfield Line)

Funky café where you’ll be welcomed by super friendly staff, to then find yourself a seat in the incredibly crafty warehouse-like open space decorated with wood-paneled walls and eclectic chairs. Serving great coffee, bakery items, breakfast, and lunch. Beer & wine too!

Sandwich lunch at Acustico, Brunswick, Melbourne

Tip! For those living in Brunswick or staying in Melbourne longer-term: Ask for one of their little Loyalty Cards: after drinking 6 of their delicious coffees and collecting a stamp for each one, your 7th coffee is totally free!


Green Park Dining

Where? 815 Nicholson St. (on the Park St. bike and pedestrian path)

Coffee at Green Park Dining, North Carlton, Melbourne

Very high up on the list of children friendly restaurants, Green Park Dining not only offers its visitors coffee, food, drinks, and desserts, but also provides the little ones with books, toys and an outdoor playground to entertain themselves. Who says no more me-moments once you have kids? This family friendly place proves you can indeed have it all: a venue where toddler and adult entertainment go hand in hand. 😉

Entertainment for young and old at Green Park Dining, North Carlton, Melbourne
“Entertainment” for Young & Old 🙂

Tip! Need some extra bribing ammunition to keep your kiddo happy? During the summer months, ice cream is sold just around the corner… (which you’re allowed to consume anywhere on the premises!)

Kids and bike friendly restaurant in Melbourne, Green Park Dining, North Carlton
Green Park: A kids and bike friendly restaurant!

Brunetti Cafe

Where? 380 Lygon St. (Little Italy)

Brunetti Cafe in Little Italy, Carlton, Melbourne

Famous for their spectacular and beautifully decorated cakes, pies, and pastries, the Italian Angele family has turned this family-owned business into a huge Australian success. It all started when Giorgio Angele came to Melbourne as an official pastry chef for the Italian Olympic team in 1956. Nowadays, Brunetti has 4 locations in Melbourne, 1 overseas in Singapore, and employs more than 150 people, including 26 full-time pastry chefs (!).

A small part of the pastry assortment at Brunetti Cafe, Carlton, Melbourne

Note: There are no words that could possibly do this coffee shop, pasticceria, ristorante, and gelateria in-one the justice it deserves. Even photos would fall short. You are going to have to see this pastry paradise with your own eyes. Promise?

My favorite Brunetti Cake: a chocolate present!
My favorite Brunetti Cake: a chocolate present!


Sir Charles

Where? 121 Johnston St. (just off Brunswick St.)

Table Decorations at Sir Charles Espresso Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Home of my love(l)y-dovey coffee! 🙂

Espresso Bar, Roaster, and Restaurant located in one of the hippest neighborhoods of Melbourne. Imagine a wide open space, lots of white, high tables and stools in the middle, and comfortable booth-style couches against the walls. If serenity is what comes to mind, you’re thinking in the right direction. Stir the lovely table decorations into the mix, and a warm and welcome atmosphere was born.

Sir Charles Espresso Bar and Restaurant, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Round II: Coffee & Cronut!


Where? 358 Brunswick St.

Babka Bakery Cafe, Fitzroy, Melbourne

An Eastern European inspired Bakery and Cafe, with all sorts of delicious treats like freshly baked bread, croissants, and pies, classic breakfast items such as eggs on toast, and lunch in the form of sandwiches and pies. And as if you’d need any other incentive to visit, Babka also serves and sells home-made jams!

Babka Bakery and Home-made Jams, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Grub Food Van

Where? 87-89 Moor St. (just off Brunswick St.)

Grub Food Van, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Caravan turned coffee shop!

A Classic 1965 American Airstream Caravan parked in front of an industrial warehouse building that serves as a greenhouse, exhibition space, and lunch room. The caravan, now fully operational as a coffee shop and bar including beers on tap (!), was originally from Iowa and bought by the owner via e-Bay. Say what?! Indeed. Call it eclectic, bizarre, or even silly, but the Grub Food Van is undoubtedly original. The type of joint you have no choice but to come and check out in person. Seeing is believing.

Grub Food Van: Cafe, Greenhouse and Table Tennis Court, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Café, Greenhouse and Table Tennis Court? 😉


Little Blue Restaurant

Where? At the end of St Kilda Pier

Little Blue Restaurant, at the end of the Pier in St Kilda, Melbourne

Coffee with one the best views of Melbourne. Complete with sail boats bobbing on the waves in the marina, and the CBD skyscrapers in the background.

Coffee on the St Kilda Pier, with a great view of Melbourne!
Coffee with a great view of Melbourne!

Tip! Since St Kilda is arguably the most beautiful suburb of Melbourne, it is only natural that you’d want to spend some more time here. Check out my blogpost on 10 Free Things to Do in St. Kilda for inspiration!


Amorosa | A love affair!

Where? 70 Ferguson St.

Essentially an Italian restaurant, but this place serves a great coffee too.
One time, I got so excited about my afternoon joy in a cup, that I accidentally knocked it over! Oh no! 🙁

Sad face after spilling my coffee at Amorosa, Williamstown, Melbourne
Devastating! I looked forward to drinking you so much!

But lucky for me, the lovely coffee lady came right over and offered me a brand new one! Yay! 😀 And just to be safe, I also decided to change to a different table.

Happy after receiving a new coffee replacing the spilled one, Amorosa, Williamstown, Melbourne
All is good again! 🙂

Do you have a favorite coffee place in Melbourne? What makes it so special?

Please let me know, so I can go check it out! Feel free to write a few lines about the where, what, and why if you’d like to add “your” café to the list… 🙂