View from Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne

Eureka! “Batmania” at its best

Standing tall at a height of 300 meters, the Eureka Tower is home to approximately 1,500 Melburnians across 92 floors of purely residential apartments (yes, really!), and an absolute recommendation for everyone visiting this beautiful metropolitan city. Except maybe for people with a fear of heights…

Steve Irwin docked in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia

Sea Shepherd: Steve Irwin docked in Williamstown

My father, like many other parents I suppose, has always taught me not to watch “nonsense” programs on TV. Personally, he is a huge fan of channels such as Discovery and National Geographic. What started off as an act to please him, soon became an addiction to programs like “Auction Hunters” and “Whale Wars” [on Animal […]