The cutest little wine bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you think Argentina, you think red meat and wine. If you don’t, think again.

Personally, I love my steaks, and I love me a good bottle of Malbec.

Planning a trip to the most amazing city in the world? Keep reading. You don’t want to miss out on this recommendation!

Having lived in Buenos Aires for five years, I have visited my fair share of ‘parrilla’ restaurants around town, and eaten more than my fair share of AMAZING steaks.
[I promise you’ll be reading plenty more about those on this blog].

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t more than occasionally miss either or all of the above.

Amazing Steaks in Buenos Aires, Argentina
One of many amazing steak restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina

But what I possibly miss even more than a big old bloody piece of meat on a plate, is having a smooth and soothing glass of wine surrounded by bottles with pretty labels from floor to ceiling in the company of friends, great tapas style food, and live music.

Enjoying a glass of red wine in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Enjoying a glass of Malbec wine in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Did I just describe Utopia?

Nope. This place actually exists. And it is called La Cava Jufré.
If you are looking for a wine bar in Buenos Aires, look no further. This ‘Vinoteca’, as Porteños would call it, is all you need and more.

Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Image: Google Streetview]
Located in the neighbourhood of Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, La Cava Jufré combines the perfect ingredients to enjoy a wonderful night out. As soon as you step foot in this well-decorated and ‘campo’ (rural) style establishment, you can feel the warm embrace of the cosy atmosphere and the many laughs and romantic dates shared by its visitors.

Walls covered with wines at Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Walls covered with wines at Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina

On top of that, and in their own words: “La Cava Jufré   “Almacén de Vinos y Descorche”  es una Vinoteca, donde encontrarán algunos de los mejores vinos elaborados en nuestro país.”

“La Cava Jufré “Wine and Corkage Shop” is a wine cellar, where you will find some of the best wines elaborated in our country.” Indeed. Great atmosphere AND great wines. Can this night get any better?

Yes, it can. If you are lucky enough to be welcomed by Lito Galeano, hold on to your horses, because you are in for a treat. Absolutely crazy (in a good way) and full of incredible stories and anecdotes, this charming owner knows his stuff. All you have to do is tell him what you’re “thinking” or how you are “feeling”, and he will pick the right bottle of wine for you and your mood in no-time.

Live music at Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lito (bottom right corner) doing what he does best: picking the right bottle for you! Tonight accompanied by live guitar and accordion music.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the melodic tunes of the spontaneously appearing live band, playing everything from cumbia, to folklore [anything, if you dare to ask], but mostly Jazzzzz…

But before you dream off to wonderland, try the ricotta and spinach ’empanadas’. And the typical Argentinian ‘picada’.

Heaven has come down to Earth.

Enjoying a picada at Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires
Cava Jufré: My favourite place for wine and picadas in Buenos Aires

Amazing picada at Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“La típica picada Argentina” – Cava Jufré serves a great specimen [Photo: Trip Advisor]
Ricotta empanadas with flaky dough, Cava Jufré, Buenos Aires

Incredibly tasty ricotta and spinach empanadas with flaky dough [Photo: Trip Advisor]


Do you like wine?
Do you have a favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine? Do share! Tips are always welcome!

Or are you like the ‘new’ me, occasionally uncorking a bottle in the comfort of your own home?

Cheers! Salud! 🙂

Enjoying a glass of Malbec at home

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