Keeping a daily journal: One line a day keeps the doctor away?

One line a day keeps the doctor away

Beginning of last year someone gave me a little book called “One line a day”. Basically, if kept neatly, it will give you an overview of where you were and what you were doing over a period of five years.

I thought it was a wonderful gift. And I still think it is an amazing idea.

Unfortunately, however, it turns out I am not very good at keeping a daily journal.
Despite various efforts to remember the “quote book” – as I have lovingly dubbed it – by placing it on my night stand, setting a daily alarm in my phone (I have tried mornings and nights), or writing the quotes in the ‘notes’ on my phone, I still go through longer periods of time without ‘letting my journal know what I’ve been up to’.

And since I already have a hard enough time to keep up with my ‘regular’ life journal, even the one minute it takes to think of and scribble down an anecdote with the maximum of 4 lines sometimes seems like an eternity to me. Especially, whenever I have “forgotten” about the quote book for a while, and I need to catch up on months of not so memorable days with the occasional unforgettable moment.

Well… in that case it actually DOES take an eternity. That’s when I resort to sorting out my wallet for receipts of random events, go through pictures on my phone, or even ask friends to trigger my memory.

Going back to my previous point that when kept neatly it will provide you with a memorable overview of 5 years of your life, and considering that each quote really only takes two minutes to record if done without too much delay… Can someone please tell me how to tackle this problem?

If you have experience keeping a journal, or even a similar ‘quote book’, and are reasonably successful at it: I am BEGGING for your help!

If you are like me, and you are determined to become successful at it, please also feel free to share your thoughts (and frustrations).

To everyone who takes a moment to respond to this message to help or share in this agony:


The alarm, and the guilt that comes with it (!), is driving me crazy by now.

Is there a storage spot in the house that reminds you to write the book?
Is there a specific moment in the day particularly efficient for recording quotes?
Do you possess the magic formula for journal writing? Please don’t keep it to yourself any longer!


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